We use Sclerotherapy, a safe and virtually pain-free technique to banish your veins.

Sclerotherapy has been used as a technique in one form or another for at least 30 years. It is the treatment of veins in the legs and elsewhere using an injection of sclerosing solution into the vein. This treatment is used particularly for varicose and spider veins.

Sclerotherapy Treatment

The treatment is performed while you are lying down. Dr. Kornfeld will guide a very fine needle to the centre of the vein. A precise amount of sclerosing solution is then injected into the vein which irritates the internal lining of the vessel causing it to swell, fuse together and gradually fade over a period of weeks to months. The vessel will then break down and is removed by the body’s natural healing process.

A 30 gauge (minute) needle is hardly felt and the sensation is described anywhere from virtually painless to a temporary stringing sensation. Dr. Kornfeld has even had the unusual experience of having to wake some patients up during the procedure.

A cotton dressing is then taped over the treated vein and a compression stocking is worn for a time following the completion of your treatment. The doctor will advise how long these should be worn for at the time of your consultation and normally depend on the size of the veins being treated.

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Experienced Hands

The skill, expertise and experience of the doctor using this technique is paramount to good longer lasting results. It requires great precision and extensive experience working with leg veins.

Running Leg Vein Clinic Australia, which is dedicated exclusively to the treatment of Varicose and Spider Veins, Dr. Kornfeld has a vast range of experience – having treated over 12000 legs using Sclerotherapy.

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