Emma, 28 year old mother of 2 from North Queensland:
“Pregnancy didn’t treat my leg veins well. Following the birth of my second child I decided to have the varicose veins in my right leg fixed as they were not only unsightly but painful. Dr Kornfeld was very pleasant and assured me he could most likely gain at a minimum around seventy-five percent improvement in appearance of my leg in the first treatment.

Following treatment I can report at least ninety-five percent improvement in appearance and no further pain. I am certainly glad I took the time and energy to undergo the relatively pain free and affordable treatment. Anne and Michael provided a friendly and very supported treatment and after care and I recommend their service to all my friends.”

Noelene, 55 year old from Rockhampton
“I would highly recommend anyone who needs vein treatment to utilize “Leg Vein Clinic Australia”, if you want success, satisfaction and professional service. With a family history of varicose veins,it was time to act

My right leg had what I called “grapes” at the right knee which followed to the upper leg. Plus both legs needed a lot of attention. After treatments, stockings and walking, anyone who had observed the before and after were amazed at the improvement. Look after you legs and make that appointment.”

Jan from Rockhampton
“About 10 years ago I saw an ad in our local paper in Rockhampton for Dr Kornfeld’s Leg Vein clinic. I had been having trouble with veins being visible for a long time (I am now 61 years old so I was only 50 at the time) and was having pain and aching legs at that time.

After visiting Dr Kornfeld he examined my legs and said that he thought he could help me. I had both legs done at that time and the difference was unbelieveable as to how much better they felt. Dr Kornfeld had warned that it was possible that the veins could reappear elbiet in different areas of the legs I had lots of good years with my legs until about 18 months ago I started getting aching and pain again.

After revisiting Dr Kornfeld and undergoing an ultrasound it was found that this time I had leaking valves which meant the blood was being pushed the wrong way in my legs. I have now undergone further treatment to both legs and the results once again are amazing even though I only finished the treatment some 2 weeks ago. No more pain, cramping or up for hours at night.

Unfortunately I have legs that have a hereditary tendency to veins but Dr Kornfeld has offered the perfect alternative to surgery through his needling process. I absolutely hate needles but the thought of not being able to walk as I get older soon overcomes the problem of having to get lots of surface needles.”

Testimonial from Yeppoon
“I am a 63 mother of 3 with a history of varicose veins in my family resulting in me having many spider and varicose veins in both legs and ended up being very embarrassed wearing shorts or a short skirt.

When I went to see Dr Kornfeld I found him very approachable and was very impressed with his professionalism and the information I received and felt very comfortable in going ahead with the treatment.

I was surprised there was very little discomfort in the treatment and actually watched the veins disappearing before my eyes.

That was over 2 years ago and I am extremely pleased to say there are still no more ugly veins in my legs and have the confidence to walk around in shorts on those long hot days.”