Spider Veins

Do you suffer from veins that are a faint blue, purple or red in colour that sit close to the surface of the skin? Read on to learn more about spider veins.

Spider veins are a mild version of varicose veins that sit beneath the surface of the legs and do not rise. Their appearance is tangled and can look similar to a spider’s web or sprawled tree branches.

Spider veins do not pose as serious concern to your health but can be considered for cosmetic improvement. There are often underlying larger veins that feed and promote spider veins.

Patients with spider veins may recognise:

  • A cluster of veins that radiate from a certain point;
  • Veins blue, red or purple in colour on the lower legs thighs or face;
  • Faint veins that appear in a linear pattern or as separate thin lines;
  • Groups of veins that look like trunks and branches of a tree.

Spider veins sufferers may develop if:

  • If there is a history of varicose veins in your family;
  • Your are standing for lengthy periods;
  • During Pregnancy ;
  • From Obesity;
  • You have been exposed to the sun for lengthy periods.

This cosmetic concern can be easily treated with Sclerotherapy treatment.

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