About Leg Veins

Be confident – feeling comfortable to wear shorts or swimwear is a simple choice that you can make.

Leg Veins & Your Overall Health

Leg veins can not only be inhibiting to your self-confidence, they can cause many other health concerns. Blood clots, varicose eczema, leg ulcers and hardening and scarring of skin and fat can all arise from leg veins being left untreated.

Causes Behind Leg Veins

The underlying cause of varicose veins is a valve weakness. Valves within veins allow blood to flow upward to the heart but usually close and prevent blood flowing backwards toward the feet under gravitational force. Varicose veins develop when these valves stop working properly; they leak backwards and become incompetent. This leads to higher pressure within the veins below the incompetent valve, due to pooling of the blood and consequently varicose veins develop.

Valve weakness is most often caused by: genetic tendency; pregnancy; prolonged standing or crossing of legs; hormones; trauma; being overweight and smoking.

The source of the problem needs to be diagnosed and treated effectively, to maximise long term, good results of leg vein treatments.

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